The firm has five main divisions.

1. Litigation Division

Our Litigation Division renders full litigation services ranging from civil, criminal, constitutional references, judicial review, environmental matters, pension disputes, labour matters, commercial disputes, debt recoveries, mortgage realization, and infringements of intellectual property rights, arbitration, insurance and general claims. We have provided services to various clients, both corporate and individuals, in commercial and civil litigation.

Environmental Law:

The Firm provides legal services on legal issues arising from environmental impact assessment, enforcement of environmental laws and emerging issues.

Employment & Labour Related Matters:

The Firm offers legal services in drafting and review of Employment Manuals to conform to the new Labour Laws of 2007 and best practices as codified under the International Labour Organization Conventions and Standards. We also act for parties at the Employment & labour relations

Election Disputes:

Kenya is a vibrant democracy with individuals/institutions always ready to vindicate their democratic rights where the same is violated or likely to be violated. In this regard, we advise interested parties in electoral laws and related matters and represent clients in electoral tribunals and courts


We are also engaged in offering legal services on various aspects of insurance law ranging from motor vehicle insurance and accidents, property insurance and indemnity and related concerns.

2. Commercial and Corporate.

Corporate Division:

The Division deals with incorporation of companies, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, trusts and pension schemes, commercial contracts, preparation, perfection and verification of security documentations for banks and other institutions.

Legal Audit and Due Diligence:

This is the latest addition to the range of corporate services offered by the Firm. It covers advisory services on compliance with laws and regulations, review of the client’s practices and processes to ensure compliance with laws and regulations relevant to the client or the sector and preparation of legal audit reports.

Intellectual Property Division:

Our IntellectualProperty Division deals with advisory services on international legal regimes on intellectual property rights.

3. Conveyancing Division

The Division deals with all aspects of conveyancing including sales and transfers of land, leases charges, mortgages, chattels mortgages extension of Government leases, changes of user, conveyance, re-conveyance, discharges, caveats, cautions, licenses, trust and advising clients generally on all aspects of land and property.

4. Family and Probate Division

The Division deals with advisory services, preparation of testamentary dispositions, taking out letters of administration, preparing trusts and custody of wills. The Firm also handles divorce, separation and maintenance matters, succession, adoption and children cases.

4. Criminal Division

The Firm boasts of an elaborate Criminal Division with unmatched expertise and experience in the criminal justice system. Our Criminal Division is dedicated to ensuring that our clients who are facing criminal charges are adequately represented to during the entire trial process.