THABIT, WAMPY & KITONGA ADVOCATES (herein after referred to as “the Firm”)is a mid sized firm in Kenya.
At Thabit, Wampy & Kitonga Advocates we offer comprehensive legal advice to our local and international clients in different areas of the law. Our lawyers are highly specialized and experienced in commercial, administrative, criminal, regulatory, labour, tax and public interest litigation among other areas. The Firm is especially designed for timely, meeting our clients’ needs and demands.


The Advocates bring together immense potential, front-line strengths and through ongoing extensive analysis into each client’s particular business needs, the Firm brings a new and robust vitality into the profession.


We ensure timely service delivery and client satisfaction. To this end, we update our clients on regular basis and review each task given .


In attending to client instructions, the Firm will assess the brief and advise on the law, therein indicating the likelihood of success in our courts and the time it may take to conclude. Where the need is evident, we indicate the suitability of alternative dispute resolution where a trial in ordinary courts will be expensive, cause delay, infringe on privacy or is considered undesirable.

Where the instructions involve security documentation, it is the role of the Firm to exercise due diligence on behalf of the client and investigate title, prepare the requisite documents and obtain consents/clearances necessary to vest the interest.


It is the policy of the Firm to keep its clients informed of the progress made in the execution of instructions. This is done periodically based on the nature of the brief.
Whenever an order, ruling or judgment or other decision is made in a matter, we immediately communicate the decision and share with the clients on the next available options towards securing their interests.


We have a spacious office divided into advocate offices, boardroom, an office for the pupils and students, registry, accounts office, office library equipped with material in the areas of our practice, e-libraries and law reports, reliable internet services, including wireless internet services, front office covering reception and lounge and a kitchenette for self-service. Each office is equipped with a desktop computer connected to a common printer and scanner, office table and chairs, telephone, bookshelf and air-conditioner.
The Firm has two motor vehicles at its disposal.